Protect assets after your death with a Trust in your Will

Put simply, a trust is an addition to an existing will that allows you to place your property and other assets in the control of a chosen trustee, which is likely to be a spouse, children or other close relatives. While trusts in a will can provide peace of mind for you and your family, and be an effective tool for long-term decision making, they can be complex. That’s why our professional legal advisors can offer you tailored advice on how to proceed, including deciding whether a trust is right for you and your circumstances. Located across the UK, we are here to help you move forward with your important decision.

Wills with trusts can protect property and make your will more flexible

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How a trust in your will works?

When you make a basic will, you are effectively handing over a large amount of money when you die. This may not be the best approach as you’re relying on the good intentions of others.

For example, what if you leave all your money to your spouse but they go on to marry someone else? You might not know that marriage cancels their existing will and intestacy (when you don’t have a will) would favour their new spouse. This could leave your children disinherited.

Your circumstances could also change. You might fall out with one or more family members or be reconciled with others. Ten years from now, you might choose to make a different will favouring different people. But what if you die before you have the chance to make a new will?

Then there are disabled and other vulnerable beneficiaries to think of, who might not be able to look after money. Or how about young adults freshly graduated from college or university. Would you trust them not to squander a large inheritance?

All of these are good reasons to add some protection for your assets after your death.

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Get expert help with making a Will Trust

There are many types of Will Trusts and they can be confusing. Our advisors are located across the UK. Your local legal expert can provide:

Advice on the best type of Trust for your Will.
Guidance on appointing trustees you know and trust.
Fixed prices to save you money and avoid nasty shocks.
Convenient appointment times to suit your diary.

How it works

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Step 3: Sign your Will

The final stage of making a will with a trust is to get it signed and witnessed.

Let us help you make a better Will

We know that Will Trusts can be complicated and confusing. Different types of Will Trust have very different advantages, disadvantages and tax consequences, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

That’s where we can help. We are a network of trusted local experts across the UK, who can explain the options clearly. When you get in touch, we’ll put you in contact with an advisor in your local area.

Our local advisors will save you time by helping you choose the right will trust for your needs. With over 830 reviews on Trustist, you’ll be in good hands.

“We were helped every step of the way and everything was explained clearly. Our advisor Deri ap Hywel was extremely helpful and patient.”

– Sian

“Matthew knows a lot more than just Wills. He is inspiring and encouraged me to embark on a major life change. I recommend talking to him and feel reassured that I did my Will with Matthew.”

– Sharon

Why it’s worth paying extra to get a Will Trust

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