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Meet the Will Writer: Eunice Learmont

By Maplebrook Wills

8th Mar '19


Eunice Learmont

How did you get into will writing?

I studied law at university but I didn’t think about carrying on with it because getting articles [apprenticeships] with law firms is difficult. My brother-in-law is a financial advisor and he knew people who had children in the military. They were coming back from Afghanistan severely injured, or sometimes not coming back at all. So I became a will writer – I would go out to regiments before they were deployed and explain the benefits of wills and powers of attorney to the servicemen and women.

What do you enjoy most about will writing?

For me, it’s about making sure that a person’s wishes happen when the time comes, irrespective of external influences. People often make assumptions that things will go a particular way, even if they don’t actually make a decision. But you just don’t know what people’s circumstances will be when the time comes. Or what might force them to act in a different way.

What difference has it made to your business?

Previously, I didn’t make any money because I didn’t know how to get clients. I knew the legal side and how to do instructions, but getting people to commit to writing a will, or finding people who needed wills writing, was hard. I did business networking but it never amounted to much. Being able to put a price tag on the work I did, and being able to ask people for money, were two of my biggest hurdles. The other bonus is that now I don’t need to do any invoicing – it’s all taken care of.

What’s been your biggest challenge?

In the first three months, it was finding clients. When you go to networking and tell people you’re a will writer, some people shy away from you because they aren’t comfortable talking about dying. It’s a miserable subject and they think they’re going to tempt fate if they talk about it. Or their situation might be too complicated and they just don’t want to deal with it. Things changed after the first three months, once I’d started advertising. Lately, I’ve concentrated on growing the business with the help of Mike [Pugh].

What would you say to anyone considering a Maplebrook Wills franchise?

If you’re a money-driven person, you may find it challenging. But if you’re genuinely setting out to do good, and wish to be financially well compensated, there is work out there. I’d recommend meeting Mike [Pugh] and the franchisees in person – don’t be shy about asking questions!

Contact Eunice Learmont on 01285 705 901 for legacy planning services in Cirencester, The Costwolds, and the surrounding areas in Gloucestershire

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