LPA Do I need one? What are they? What do they do? What do they cost?

In the UK, Lasting Powers of Attorney are essential documents as we get older.

These are the docs that will keep everything running smoothly when our lives get turbulent.

Would it be a bad idea to learn more about HOW TO help the family when the time arrives?

0:00 Intro
0:12 Who do you Trust?
0:33 What do LPA’s do?
1:09 What are the two types of LPA?
1:24 LPA Property & Financal decisions
1:49 LPA Health & Care Decisions
2:14 Who will be your Attorney’s?
2:35 When does my LPA become effective?
4:24 How long does it take to create LPA’s?
5:00 How many have LPA’s in the UK?
5:52 What do LPA’s cost?
7:05 Why is this important?
7:25 What is the COST of having NO LPA?
8:56 Outro

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