9 Common Problems to avoid in your UK Will

0:00 Intro/Title
0:10 #1 Should I put Funeral Wishes in my Will?
1:08 #2 Is Organ Donation in a Will the best place?
2:20 #3 Can I designate who gets my Pension Pot in a Will?
3:04 #4 Should I put my Life Support Decisions in a Will?
Spoiler: By the time a Will becomes effective, you’re already dead!
Use a Lasting Power of Attorney http://tiny.cc/LPAs
4:04 #5 Can I gift an item in a Will that’s already in a Trust?
5:13 #6 Can I gift Company Assets in my Will?
6:27 #7 Should I write an explanation of my decisions in my Will?
8:02 #8 Can a Life Insurance Beneficiary be written into a Will?
9:15 #9 Is it a good idea for Life Insurance proceeds to pay into my estate?
10:29 Recap of the 9

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