Your future, written by you

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!” Abraham Lincoln

Sitting in a café, days after my father passed, I had a decision to make. My drink went cold as the options overwhelmedI needed to choose a burial outfit. My father had lived a colourful life, his last foreign adventure just 4 weeks prior to his rapid deterioration which ended a couple of months later in a nursing home. 

In one way, he was luckyhe knew what was approaching, had time to plan. From the nursing home, he wrote his will, arranged LPAs (which I needed before his passing) and discussed his general funeral wishes with me… but not what he wanted to wear! 

Estate planning is not just for the person who is passing. It is about making decisions now, with a clear head, that will provide clarity to all those left behind. Already grieving your loss, having robust estate planning in place minimises the difficult decisions and potentially undesirable consequences that can so easily arise. I have witnessed families who, in the emotional turmoil that follows a bereavement, tear themselves apart because they can’t agree; with no instructions to guide themEstate planning ensures that the assets you have built over your lifetime, worked hard to accumulate, go to the people that you chose, in the way that you chose. 

And effective estate planning is not just about what happens after.

With some forward thinking, planning your estate now can prevent your inheritance from being eroded by care fees, probate fees, inheritance tax and/or the forced sale of a family home.  

Having dealt with a bereavement myself, and having sorted out my own estate, I understand just how important this is. So important, that I have literally made it my business to support others find the peace of mind that effective estate planning provides. I care about finding the most appropriate solution for you and would welcome the opportunity to visit you in your home, to discuss the options. 

In brief, the options that we offer 


Very simple, takes less than an hour to take the instruction and less than 2 weeks to complete. Writing your wishes into a legally binding document (your will), ensures that your precise wishes are carried out, thus minimising both potential risk of claims against your estate, as well as expensive probate costs. 

Lasting Power of Attorney 

Ensure that your loved ones can help manage your financial affairs and make decisions on your behalf regarding your health and wellbeing, should circumstances arise when you need this support. If you don’t have this in place, you are at risk of leaving these decisions to the state and/or incurring expensive ongoing legal fees with Solicitors. LPAs keep you in control. 


Trusts are a way to protect your assets, including your home! They ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones rather than being frittered away in care costs and Inheritance Tax. You can set up a trust in your lifetime, or following your death, as a way to ringfence your assets and keep control. 

Funeral Plans 

We can supply prepaid funeral plans which allow you to lock in a funeral at today’s prices, even though you might not need it for 20 years! With a 100% utility rate, you know you will need a funeral – and it takes the financial stress and planning from your bereaved loved ones.  

By the way, in case you were wondering

My decision…? Well, wanting the best for my father, I chose an expensive 3 piece suit, heavy wool to keep him warm(!). Having watched every penny when he was alive, I doubt he would have approved. A funeral plan would have helped me, and it would have cost about half the price of his hastily organised funeral.

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