Write your future

What price do you put on piece of mind ?

In these uncertain and challenging times many of us have had to face the reality of our own or loved ones’ mortality. As unpleasant as it may seem if you don’t care of your family’s affairs you run the risk of the Government making those choices for you in the event of you or partner’s passing.

At Maplebrook Wills I will personally walk you through process of safeguarding your legacy for your family. I will conduct a free assessment of your individual circumstances and tailor a solution which fulfils your needs. This could range from just preparing your Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney through to advising you on the most Tax efficient options for your Estate by means of a Trust to ensure your loved ones receive what they deserve.

Last year nearly Two hundred thousand homes had to be sold to pay for the provision of Care in England and Wales. We can advise on what options are open to families and the consequences of not planning in advance.

We offer comprehensive and inclusive packages ranging from Will Writing, LPA’s and Trusts through to Pre-paid Funeral plans all of which we can paid for in monthly instalments.

Call us today… nothing feels more satisfying in this current climate than the comfort that your family has been provided for ?

The future can be written.