Write your future

THE FUTURE… Perhaps the two biggest words in anyone’s vocabulary; but it doesn’t need to be scary, because THE FUTURE CAN BE WRITTEN and I’m here to help you with that.

Living  in the Stourbridge area and providing a bespoke will writing service; I cover post codes for the entirety of the Dudley Metropolitan Borough all the way to Birmingham.

I am very happy to do appointments in the comfort of your own home (for free!); meaning no inconvenient trips to solicitor’s offices and no unnecessary admin fees.

I’m always looking to negotiate the most convenient time for you! (Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Weekends) I also offer services for all your estate planning needs, such as arranging Lasting Power of Attorney and Trusts; as well as offering free Probate advice and being able to sort out Prepaid Funeral Plans.

I can ensure that if the worst happens, you’ve got a future proof peace of mind.



Your legacy secured for the next generation.


No unnecessary anxiety over financial or health decisions of a vulnerable loved one.


Inheritance tax planning. Divorce settlement protection. Care fee planning.


Free, uncomplicated honest advice.


Beat the rapid rise of funeral costs by purchasing now and save the pain and complication of your family making the arrangements after your death.


Let me use my own family experience as an example; Back in 2014, my mom, Julie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease; my dad Barry didn’t plan for the time my mom would no longer have mental capacity.

By the time he looked into how to seize control of my mom’s finances and health decisions, it was too late… He had assumed that this power was a given due to marriage; but you know what they say about assumptions!

Only because all my parent’s bank accounts were joint did it mean that he was saved from what would have been thousands of pounds in court fees to gain any kind of control over her finances.

Unfortunately, as my dad reacted after my mom was no longer deemed to have mental capacity, he could no longer obtain an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) for her wellbeing, leaving any future health decisions to the state.

In our lifetime, we will all make mistakes and most we can learn from. But some mistakes can only be made once.

So, the moral of this story is that preparing for the worst should come first.

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