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Watch this video for the top 9 things we recommend you DON'T put in your will – maybe it'd invalidate it, or won't be legally enforceable.
Click the link to see Mike's recommendations for making your will the most effective it can be - and ...least likely to be challenged.

And make sure you speak with one of our legal consultants for more info on making your will legally binding and so it'll do exactly what you want it to, in the most cost-effective way.

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Ever wondered what it’d be like to inherit a fortune from a distant relative you’ve never even heard of?
What would you do if the Heir Hunters came knocking on your door?

It’s not impossible is it?! If you inherited a big lump sum today, what would you do with it?
Let’s get... dreaming!
Put yours in the comments - we’ll go first…

Elisha wants to plant a huge forest for future generations, Maplebrook Wills' founder Mike would love to start a foundation to support underprivileged kids, and Dan says he fancies taking the whole family on a tropical getaway then will set up a charity to look after stray pets in hot countries.

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Mark and Mike, founder of Maplebrook Wills Limited, are up at the House of Commons today for an awards ceremony

When it’s not a good idea to ‘do it another day’… ⏳

An article published last week reveals the problems some people have been experiencing in getting their Lasting Power of Attorney documents processed.
Although anyone can complete LPA application forms, they must be ...validated by the Office of the Public Guardian to be usable.

Very long delays are mentioned – in our experience, LPA documents have recently been taking several months to be verified and returned.
Which can certainly be frustrating and a cause of anxiety for many.

@MaplebrookWills recommends that submitting your LPA application(s) is NOT something that you should wait for. Those waiting times are not likely to shorten any time soon.

We agree with the article that the paperwork can be complicated for anyone not familiar with it – at over 30 pages long. And any form with an error will be rejected, requiring going through the whole process again.

There’s good news!
We are available to help you complete your LPA application form – our service includes getting correct witness signatures, sending the applications off and dealing with the Office of the Public Guardian paperwork.

What should you do?
1️⃣ Don’t wait for a better time to get LPA documents done. Anyone who receives a serious diagnosis that involves loss of capacity, or perhaps has an accident that limits decision-making, loses the chance to set up an LPA so will not be able to nominate someone to make decisions on their behalf.
2️⃣ Reach out if you’d like help from a local legal consultant and to be 100% reassured the paperwork is completed to your needs. Use the ‘Send message’ button on our page or go via our website www.maplebrookwills.co.uk where you can find more info on Lasting Powers of Attorney.

The future can be written.
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Power of attorney applications unfairly rejected as waiting times soar

Paul Harris, 84, and his wife Gillian, 83, are still waiting for their power of attorney documents 14 months after submitting applications.


A huge number of people in the UK work in small businesses, as sole-traders or self-employed.
What will happen to your business after you’re gone?

Any business has great potential other than the skills you bring to it… (take that as a compliment!)
Think of your customer base, ...brand reputation, digital assets like databases and website, and obviously physical assets like equipment, vehicles and property – these all add up.

You won’t want your hard-earned efforts and investment to build the business going to someone who wouldn’t be interested in running it, or worse – running it down the drain when you pass away, we’re sure.

Talk to one of our friendly legal advisors about how business arrangements can be best protected by including the necessary wording in your Will.
All the Wills and Trusts created by @MaplebrookWIlls local consultants are tailor-made to be right for you. Email to find out more: answers@maplebrookwills.co.uk


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"I'm only young, do I really need a Will?"
@MaplebrookWills founder Mike explains whether that’d be right for you - or not. Not everyone's circumstances are the same, after all.

Turn your sound on and watch this 1min Maplebrook Minute clarification now.
...Don't forget to share this post with a 30-something you know to reassure them.

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