Write your future

In the event you die without a Will – termed as dying intestate – depending on your personal or family circumstance, you are likely to leave yourself open to a number of needless and unfortunate outcomes for your hard earned money and any assets or property you owned.

Did you know in some circumstances, the Crown can take possession of your property?

Protecting Your Family

You could leave a family member with the possibility of a large and unexpected inheritance tax bill.  You may leave your family squabbling over who should have what.

Perhaps even a family member whom you disliked could take legal possession of your hard-earned cash and property. That’s enough to make you turn in your grave!

Don’t be like most people who do nothing until it is simply too late then burden your family with issues like what to do about burial or cremation. What to do about your assets, property and other matters. These issues are often the root cause of family squabbles, rifts and stress at a sad time for all.

All that could have been avoided if only you had written a Will or updated an old Will that may well be unknowingly invalid, due to your changed circumstance over the years.


By far, an even better choice of action would be for you to have a professionally written Will Trust. A Will Trust ensures your assets are protected from possession by the Crown, predation, future divorce and bankruptcy.

A Trust also protects you from care costs, in the event that you were to become mentally incapacitated. This may be due to dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and numerous other illnesses that we are all becoming vulnerable to, simply as a result of living longer.

Your Future Can Be Written

My name is Charles and I write Wills, Will Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and Funeral Plans.

I also offer professional advice on other matters that protect your family from inheritance tax, capital gains tax, divorce, bankruptcy and other related matters.

I do home visits and my first consultation is FREE in order to fact find and discuss how best I can help you. This process will take an hour or a little longer depending on the number of questions you may ask; however, I assure that you have my trust, dedication and mental focus always.

Remember, your circumstance is unique. Once we start chatting and I gain an understanding of your situation, I will give you a quote that will be less expensive than your High Street solicitors. I will then put together a draft Will for you to check before I write a final, legally binding Will for your signature, in the presence of a witness of your choosing.

To give you some idea, Wills start from £149 + vat for a single person.