Lasting Powers of Attorney Guidance in the UK

Allow others to make decisions on your behalf with Lasting Power of Attorney

If a person becomes mentally or physically incapacitated, a family member or close friend can be given legal power to look after their financial affairs, property, health and welfare. The person with lasting power of attorney has the authority to make key decisions about your finances, medical care, bill payments and more. Lasting Power of Attorney can cover health and welfare, finance and property, or both.

At Maplebrook, our expert legal advisors are here to offer Lasting Power of Attorney guidance to you and your loved ones, should the unexpected happen. Our local experts are located across the UK, so your advisor will be local to you. We are here to ensure that the process of obtaining Lasting Power of Attorney is stress-free, and that you have peace of mind throughout.

Get documents that give your loved ones legal powers to help you

We’ll come to you

No need to travel! Your local adviser will visit your home.

No hidden costs

We’ll tell you the price upfront to avoid any surprises.

Stress-free process

We explain your options clearly, in plain English.

Don’t force your family to apply to court

The unexpected can happen in life. If something bad happens to you and you don’t have Lasting Power of Attorney, your family would have to apply to the UK’s Court of Protection.

The reason for this is that if you lose capacity, your loved ones aren’t legally allowed to make financial and health-related decisions on your behalf. This applies to spouses too.

If you don’t have Lasting Power of Attorney, the only alternative is to apply for ‘deputyship’. This involves an application to court, which is expensive and leads to delays lasting months or more.

You can lose capacity because of having dementia. But you can also lose capacity if you’re put in a coma because of an accident or disease.

Get expert help with Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance

We make it easy to put Lasting Power of Attorney in place, with expert guidance Your local expert can provide:

Lasting Power of Attorney documents tailored to your preferences.
Advice on your preferences and instructions.
Guidance on appointing attorneys and replacement attorneys.
Convenient appointment times to suit your diary.

How it works

Step 1: Find a local advisor

Fill in your contact details and a local expert in your area will get in touch.

Step 2: Book a free consultation

Your local expert will discuss your needs and explain the options.

Step 3: Use your Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney can be used once they’ve been registered.

Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance

We understand that Lasting Power of Attorney forms can seem complicated. The forms are confusing if you’re not familiar with legal terminology.

That’s where we can help. We are a network of trusted local experts across the UK, who can explain the options clearly. When you get in touch, we’ll put you in contact with a local advisor.

We’ll save you time and ensure that your Lasting Power of Attorney documents are set up, signed and witnessed correctly to avoid you making any mistakes. With over 830 reviews on Trustist, you’re in good hands.

“I was really impressed with Ray’s professionalism and knowledge. He visited me at home and made the process of sorting out my LPAs very straightforward”

– Liz

“Matthew was recommended to help arrange LPAs for both of my parents. The service was first class from the start, explained in easy to understand language.”

– Bob

Why get Lasting Power of Attorney?

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