Are you fed up with the corporate grind? Are you seeking an exciting new challenge? Would you like to own a six-figure income business and be a respected member of your community? Our new franchisees are supported by quality leads delivered directly to their practice software, helping to underpin and secure their financial success. Does that sound like a fair business partnership?

If your answer to any of those is yes, we can offer you a great franchise business opportunity.

We’re Maplebrook Wills, an established UK franchise network, and we’re seeking motivated, enthusiastic people to run their own businesses.

Our franchise holders provide will writing services to the public. Will writing is a recession-proof industry in which it’s surprisingly easy to develop a business bringing in six figures every year whilst also providing a vital service.

If you have a will, your money and assets will benefit the ones you love after your death. But nearly two-thirds of UK adults don’t have one because nobody likes to think about their own death, even though it’s sadly inevitable.

We can say with some confidence that there will always be people in the UK who need wills, so your market of potential customers will never be saturated.

The bottom end of the market is well served by online wills costing £25. But we don’t compete with them because the human element of our service can never be automated.

Since we offer personal help and guidance, our wills start at £149. But writing a will is rarely the end of our business relationships with clients.

Because we’re friendly and professional and provide our clients with useful information, we frequently identify other services they might need.

Those additional services include trusts, probate, LPAs and funeral plans. When you help provide these extras, directly or indirectly, you can boost your income by up to 40%.

It’s no exaggeration to say that being a Maplebrook Wills franchisee provides you with the opportunity to generate a six-figure business.

Do you have what it takes?

When you become a Maplebrook Wills franchisee, you’ll receive plenty of support. We have a winning formula that we’ll teach you, plus strategies and marketing plans to help you hit the ground running.

To succeed as a franchisee, you’ll need the following skills and experience:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • A sharp eye for detail
  • Rapport with a wide range of people
  • The ability to multitask and manage a busy workload
  • A sense of humour – it helps!

What you DON’T need:

  • A formal qualification in will writing – we’ll train you how to do it
  • Extensive sales experience – some business to consumer (B2C)
    sales experience is helpful but not essential

Our winning formula for franchise success

We provide all franchisees with free training in our winning formula, the Maplebrook Method™. It was developed by Maplebrook Wills’ Mike Pugh – the top UK will writer in 2016 and 2017.

The Maplebrook Method™ is a tried and tested sales process. It’s designed to guide clients through the price scale and allow them to choose the product that suits them best.

Our winning formula includes a referral system for developing new leads. Referrals from existing clients create a continuous, self-sustaining cycle. This can easily triple your revenue for no extra cost.

As part of your training, we’ll demonstrate referral building and post-sales techniques on client visits on our home patch around Bristol. We’ll also guide you on sales calls to clients in your own exclusive franchise area.

Giving you a flying start

As well as the comprehensive training programme, Maplebrook Wills provides you with a host of other tools and resources to get your business off to a flying start.

Here’s what we supply:

Pre-sale admin system

Our system organises your meetings and books them into your calendar. It handles pre-meeting materials, terms of business, draft wills and payments, enabling you to spend more time building your client base and less time worrying about paperwork.

Professional indemnity insurance

You’ll need Professional Indemnity Insurance for £2 million, we offer bulk discounts to our members. You can also achieve membership to the nationally recognized Professional Will Writing governing body.

Branding tools

Our franchisees have licensed use of Maplebrook Wills® branded advertising, marketing materials and sales literature. These materials are provided free of charge for the first six months of your contract.

Support materials

Our franchisees are provided with will and LPA data capture forms, a client relationship management (CRM) system, a video training library and a VOIP phone with a business number.

Your prosperous future is with us

Owning a Maplebrook Wills franchise and becoming a legacy planner is a fantastic way of escaping the corporate environment.

There is scope to work part time, or the potential to earn a six-figure income if you have the right skills, attitude and work ethic.

And as a healthy and robust industry, rest assured there will always be a demand for will writers.

So, if you are looking for an exciting opportunity to work for yourself, with the support and guidance of an experienced and successful mentor, look no further.

Becoming a Maplebrook Wills franchisee and legacy planner is what you have been waiting for!

For more information on turning over a new leaf and starting your own franchise contact us on 0117 440 1555 or 07930 397 650