Write your future

We are Professional Will Writers in Exeter.

Preparing for the future by planning for what happens to our estate after we die can be difficult.

End of life planning can be an emotional subject, talking through a will or a trust requires a respectful, empathic approach. I have honed this professional manner over many years, dealing with a wide variety of clients.

My advice helps each client make an informed decision for themselves, their families, and important people in their lives. Whether dealing with a lasting powers of attorney or a prepaid funeral plan, advice is individually tailored.

Focusing on Exeter and the surrounding areas, I write the correct Will for peoples circumstances. I also offer related legal and financial services – lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) that allow others to make decisions on your behalf, trusts to protect your home, and prepaid funeral plans.

Working as a Legacy Planner with Maplebrook Wills ensures that I am always able to provide accurate and up-to-date knowledge. This can all be given in the comfort of the client’s own home – or in my office if it is preferred. I am based in the Matford Business Centre on Matford Park Road in Exeter, Devon.

I am passionate about helping others. As a Legacy Planner, it is my privilege to be able to give clients the peace of mind that when the day comes, their wishes will be carried out.

For a free, no obligation appointment, contact me today.

Email simon.hall@maplebrookwills.co.uk or call 0139 254 0996.

The future can be written.