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Better than the best franchise opportunity?

By Clive

4th May '20



Maplebrook Wills to host webinar on “How to avoid the 5 stupid mistakes most people make when choosing a franchise.”

April 29, 2020

Better than the best franchise opportunity? If you’re looking for the safest, easiest quickest way to start your new career then this article will be the best thing you’ve read this year.



Most people who are looking to invest in a franchise will never discover what you’re about to read.

That’s because they don’t know about the 5 stupid mistakes almost everyone makes when choosing a franchise opportunity.


Stupid mistake number 1.

They don’t take the time to find out how good the franchise owner is.

Okay, they may have a glossy brochure, but what about the track record of the owner? Is he or she excellent at entrepreneurship?

Does he or she take outstanding care of each and every franchisee?

Is there superb ongoing training that gives predictable results in terms of lifestyle and income?


Stupid mistake number 2.

They don’t take the time to look into the company’s marketing plan.

Will they provide you with prequalified leads or are you expected to go out and cold call, or go to networking events?

Will their marketing messages pre-sell potential clients so you don’t have to high-pressure people into buying?


Stupid mistake number 3.

They don’t take the time to look up the support systems the company they are considering has in place.

Do they have a fool-proof software system that guarantees you’ll never make a costly mistake and lose clients because of it?

Do they have a top expert in the field you can call on to help out when you need help when things get too complicated?

Is there a lot of “hand-holding” available at the start or are you left with two options, either sink or swim?


Stupid mistake number 4.

They didn’t take the time to see if there are successful franchisees who are happily making a decent living.

Does the company care enough about every franchisee that it offers a daily Q&A session and actively invites every franchisee to get any problem solved on the same day they have it?


Stupid mistake number 5.

They don’t take the time to find out whether they are in a growing or declining marketplace.

With the world-turned upside down right now, you’ve got to be certain any business you choose will still be around and thriving 10 or even 20 years from now.

Our good friend Mike Pugh from Maplebrook is hosting a webinar next Thursday at 3pm called, “How to avoid the 5 stupid mistakes most people make when choosing a franchise.”

The answers to all these questions and more will be the topic of Mike’s webinar. At the end he opens it up for an in-depth Q&A session to answer any lingering doubts you may have about what’s better than the best franchise opportunity, he will make them disappear faster than a cheetah on Red bull.

Because of the software platform Mike prefers, there’s only room for 50 people to attend. After that, you’ll have to go on a waiting list and hope there’s another webinar sometime soon.





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