Maplebrook Wills provides legacy planning services across the UK.

We prepare legal documents, including wills and lasting powers of attorney (LPAs), and advise on related products like trusts. Our advisors are trained to the highest industry standards to provide you with the best possible advice.

Thinking about dying is never easy, so we do our utmost to take the stress away. We meet clients in person and discuss your personal circumstances before advising which products will suit you best.

If you choose to go ahead, we’ll go away and prepare a will for you. A will is a legally binding document. It ensures that after you die, your assets are distributed precisely according to your wishes.

The company was founded by award-winning will writer Mike Pugh. Mike was named Top Will Writer in the UK in 2016 and 2017, by the New Leaf Will Writers Federation (NLWWF). Mike continues to serve his own clients in the Bristol area.

Here’s an infographic explaining the Probate process.

Our Services


Make sure the right people inherit your hard-earned property, possessions and money.

Wills with Trusts

Add protection to your Will by including a Trust for property and money.

Lifetime Trusts

Get the maximum protection for your assets during your lifetime and beyond.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Delegate decision-making during your lifetime to people you know and trust.

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