At Maplebrook Wills, we typically provide wills within two to three weeks of the initial appointment.

The length of time you’ll spend discussing your needs could be as little as 90 minutes.

Once you’ve booked an initial appointment, we’ll visit your home in person at a time to suit you.

For your convenience we offer evening appointments, which is especially useful for couples as it gives both partners time to get home from work.

The first appointment typically lasts around one hour. We’ll tell you about estate planning as a whole and discuss your requirements and objectives.

At the end of the discussion, you should have all the information you need to decide what you need.

If you decide to go ahead with a basic will or any of our other products, including LPAs, trusts and funeral plans, we can take your details there and then.

After the initial meeting,we’ll go away and draw up your documents. Once complete, we’ll send them to our compliance department for checking before sending you the draft.

Once any changes have been made, we’ll come back and see you for the attestation, when the wills are signed and witnessed. This second meeting takes around 20 minutes.

The attestation is usually two to three weeks after the initial appointment – typically we agree the date with clients at the first meeting.

And that’s it! All documents are delivered and signed at the second meeting, and all in all it takes less than an hour and a half of your time. You don’t even need to go anywhere!

It goes without saying that the process might take longer. If your circumstances are complex or you need more time, we sometimes require an extra meeting. And we may need to ask you questions over the phone or by email.

We treat all our clients as individuals with unique needs so we’ll always spend the appropriate amount of time so that you get the product that’s right for you.

Contact Maplebrook Wills advisor today – call 0117 440 1555 and our head office will put you in touch.
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