Buying a will

Getting a will from a family solicitor can be expensive. It might cost several hundred pounds to get a solicitor to draw up a will, primarily because you’re paying for their expert advice.

Two other options typically work out much cheaper: DIY wills and will-writing services. Let’s take a look at why that is, as well as the pros and cons of each option.

First, consider a typical family solicitor. They often have high street office to maintain and will also provide other services besides wills. A typical family practice might work on divorce cases, neighbour disputes and tax matters to name just three.

But although wills are legal documents, you don’t need to be a solicitor to draw one up. In fact, you can do write your own will and this is by far the cheapest option.

DIY wills

If you search online, you’ll find that you can order a DIY will for as little as £10. They’re usually supplied as kits that you simply fill in yourself. It might sound too good to be true but it’s actually perfectly legitimate and your home-made will is a bona fide legal document.

DIY wills are good for certain circumstances. If you intend to leave everything to one person as did the late TV presenter Dale Winton, a simple will is all you need.

But there is a catch. Are you absolutely sure that you will fill it in correctly so that it cannot be challenged? DIY wills don’t stop you using the wrong legal wording by mistake – a mistake that could be costly for your intended beneficiary.

If your personal circumstances are more complicated, for example, if you want to gift your estate to more than one person, it’s a good idea to use a professional.

Will-writing services

That’s where will-writing services like Maplebrook Wills come in. There are far fewer will writers than solicitors because they’re specialists, dealing only with wills and legacy planning.

Will writers discuss your requirements before drawing up your will. The will then undergoes a compliance check before you sign it, so you can be sure it’s legally valid.

The benefit of Maplebrook Wills is that we’re a fraction of the cost of a high street solicitor. And you won’t even have to travel to an office because we visit your home to meet you face to face.

We tailor all our wills to our customers precise circumstances. For example, we’ll let you know if your children and other beneficiaries are likely to pay excessive inheritance tax and how you can minimise it.

Maplebrook Wills has will writers based all over the UK. To set up an appointment, contact us on 0117 440 1555 today.
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